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When asked “what do you look at and why” or “how do you approach your subject” I find my answer to be simple, perhaps too simple. I grab my camera and I go out and I shoot. I will be walking the streets of Philadelphia or New York City and something will grab my eye, begging to be captured. It may be a color of a person’s garment or a group of people standing together. It may be the light and how it is settling on the subject or a sharp contrast between background and foreground. In actuality, I am a very scattered photographer, randomly clicking here and there as I am being grabbed in multiple directions. Each press of the shutter is a sensual experience. Each image revealing itself in post-processing is like tearing away gift wrap as I excitedly see what may be revealed. The image may turn out to be outstanding or it may turn out to be no more worthy than a click of the delete button. Either way, it is my obsession and it is in need of quenching.

Hi. I'm Talya Amati Lewis and I'm a self-taught street photographer. I live in Philadelphia with my husband, two dogs and two cats. I'm also a mother of three grown children. Though most of my photography is in the streets of Philadelphia and New York City, my husband and I love to travel*. We've shown many parts of the world to our children, and we continue to explore new places as empty nesters. When abroad I take advantage of capturing life in whatever city I may be wandering through. 

*Currently on a travel hiatus due to covid-19 restrictions,


Photography is a language we all speak. No translation needed.






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